Over the past three years, the CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster Program has generated a large body of research that will potentially deliver significant long-term benefits to retirees, the superannuation industry, policy makers and the Australian economy as a whole.

This high-impact research provides an independent evidence base to inform policy and promote innovation within the superannuation system, which is likely to have a major influence on economic activity and the lives of most Australians in the years ahead.

A distinctive feature of the Cluster has been its focus on combining the knowledge and expertise of key stakeholders within industry and regulatory bodies with that of outstanding researchers working as part of a multidisciplinary, international team that has access to critical industry and regulatory data  previously unavailable to researchers.

The research program has been specifically designed to maximise the impact of outcomes, particularly retirement outcomes from the perspective of fund members and retirees. In order to achieve this, it has been critical to foster industry consultation, to embed researchers with industry participants, and to develop knowledge transfer and dissemination  programs, structured in parallel with the research program.

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