As we work towards completion of this project we can look back on three very productive years.

In all we will have completed around 45 working papers. We have also held more than 20 meetings and events, bringing together researchers, industry participants and policy makers to address a range of complex issues relating superannuation, and this engagement process has been integral  to  the  development  of the Cluster’s research.

As you review the outcomes of the Cluster you will note that in addition to these working papers there are also many peer-reviewed publications, simulation models and presentations that have contributed to the overall outcomes.

We have been very fortunate to have the direction of a number of eminent researcher leaders from four universities and CSIRO, who have led over 30 researchers to produce some important findings for industry, policy makers and other researchers.

The 30+ working papers available on this site represent the work to date at the time of writing. Additional work from a number of Cluster Projects has yet to be completed and will continue through to the end of the project in early 2017. This content will be uploaded as it is finalised.

In addition, the Cluster has benefited from the work of two post- doctoral staff members, Jun Feng and Sonja Kassenboehmer, who were appointed full-time to the project and will now move into other academic roles.

This has been an unusual research project in many ways. The collaboration between researchers from the four partner universities, CSIRO, industry stakeholders and policy makers has led to relationships developing around common areas of interest which will extend beyond the completion of this project in March  2017.

Professor Deborah Ralston,

Cluster Leader

Prof Deborah Ralston

For more details about the project's impacts and outcomes, download the Superannuation Cluster Review: 2013-2017

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the excellent contribution of (the late) Dr Maria Strydom to the work of the Cluster. Maria was a very active contributor to Cluster Project 3, which examines member behaviour. With her enthusiasm, good nature and research skills developed through a PhD in finance and studies in psychology, Maria was a highly valued member of the team. Very tragically Maria was killed in May 2016 while descending Mt Everest.