Over the past three years, the Cluster has provided a number of forums for researchers to engage with, inform and consult with stakeholders, including regular stakeholder meetings and a major annual conference to refine and explore the research.

> 2013: The Cluster was launched in August 2013 at an event where the keynote speaker was Simon McKeon AO, then Chair of CSIRO and AMP, and Executive Chairman, Macquarie Bank, Melbourne. The event was attended by 60 key members of industry and academe.

(Simon McKeon AO, CSIRO)

The first international conference was held on 4 and 5 December 2013, including a stakeholder meeting on 5 December. The conference was attended by 53 members of industry and academe, with 14 papers presented on: Infrastructure Investment Issues and Macro Outcomes (three papers), Member Behaviour (three papers), Health,Labour markets and Social Policy (five papers), and Investment & Products (three papers).

(Deborah Ralston, Cluster Leader)

> 2014: During 2014 stakeholder meetings were held on 17 March, 16 June, 30 September and following the annual conference on 2 December. A workshop was also conducted with stakeholders on 5 August. At each meeting, work in progress was reviewed and forthcoming research was discussed.

In 2014 several researchers, including (the late) Dr Maria Strydom, Carly Moulang, Jun Feng and colleagues from the University of Warwick, attended the Oxford Conference − October 2014 as guests of Prof Gordon Clark. The conference provided an opportunity to share insights with key pension policy makers and industry members from around the UK, Europe and the US.

(Jun Feng, Carly Moulang, Maria Strydom, Monash University)

> 2015: 2015 stakeholder meetings were held on 11 March, 15 June, 23 September, and after the annual conference. The conference was held on 1 and 2 December in Melbourne once again and attracted 87 attendees from industry academe and government agencies. The Plenary Speaker was Professor Gordon Clark (Oxford University). In total, 19 papers were presented under two concurrent streams: technical and investment topics; and member behaviour, retirement, wealth and health.

(Gordon Clark, Oxford University)

> 2016: In 2016, stakeholder meetings were held on 10 March, 23 June and on 15 September. A workshop was also conducted at AMP in October on the digital advice project. A further stakeholder meeting was held prior to the annual conference.

The final annual CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Symposium was open to the public on 6 December 2016. The symposium included presentations  by both international and Australian researchers. Keynote speaker was Karen Chester, Deputy Chair of the Productivity Commission, who is current;y conducting the Commission's Inquiry into Superannuation Competitiveness and Efficiency. Eleven papers were presented at the conference from across the full spectrum of superannuation research.

(Karen Chester, Productivity Commission)